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Oste-VM Trondheim 26-28 Oktober 2023. Sees vi?

Andre Oljer

Blended Oil 5 liter, Olitalia

Olitalia blended oil, composed of sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil, will add a special taste to all your recipes.

Druekjerneolje 5 liter, Olitalia

The natural way for feeling good is embodied by the Olitalia Grapeseed Oil. With its delicate and rare flavour, this oil is a perfect, natural companion to healthy and tasteful food.

Olive Oil Sansa 5L tin

This is a perfect combination of refined pomace oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Solsikkeolje 5 liter, Olitalia

Olitalia sunflower oil is ideal for the preparation of sauces, such as mayonnaise, side dishes and salads.

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